About Us

Our Crew

Our warm-hearted and knowledgeable crew have spent decades around the waters and islands of British Columbia. Each highly skilled in our own field, we share wisdom on secret spots, nature’s routines, and authentic connections to the local people. Our anticipatory service allows you to focus on undisturbed family and friend bonding time.

Captain Colin, Owner

Dublin, Ireland

Our resident storyteller and charismatic Captain holds a deep affection for wooden vessels, the open ocean, and the unique experiences he has come to be privy to when immersing himself in a combination of the two. An explorer at heart, with over five decades of sailing expertise, he’s available to impart seafaring wisdom, share insightful stories, and instigate a laugh or two from adults and children alike.

Ben Barter, Head Chef & Sommelier

Salt Spring Island, BC

Ben bridges international culinary knowledge with his love of home and hyper-local ingredients to create impressive foodie fusions. Find him on Instagram to take a peek at just a taste of his mouth-watering, soulful creations @nfa.barter

Kellie Callender, Relief Chef

Nanaimo, BC

The owner of Nanaimo-based small plate restaurant Melange, Kellie has also cooked in far flung places such as Bhutan, Vietnam, and India. He has many adventurous stories to share and infuses his food with this international flair.

Erin Hansen, Stewardess

Canmore, AB

Erin couldn’t help but fall in love with the West Coast during her first visit to Vancouver. After years of exploring the stunning scenery of the Rockies, she followed her heart to the coast. She is always excited to discover truly unique landscapes, catch a glimpse of rarer wildlife, and create one-of-a-kind memories with you and the crew.

Scott Rempel, Engineer

Prince Rupert, BC

Our engineer Scott Rempel is no stranger to these waters, having lived on Vancouver Island and now residing in a float house on Teakerne Arm, Desolation Sound. A real seafood lover, he lives a colourful life building unusual structures in unusual places, continuing to volunteer for salmon enhancement and joining the Yellowfin crew as has been the case for the last twenty years.

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