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Coast-to-Table Dining


Dining aboard the Pacific Yellowfin is a delectable highlight of your trip. The rich ocean bounty we glide over on your voyage provides the freshest seafood. Other ingredients are collected from local communities and farms we have built relationships with over the years. Enjoy a true coast-to-table dining experience.

West Coast Inspired

Chef Kellie brings a modern flourish to his cuisine style, drawing inspiration from our Pacific West Coast and his world travels. Expect to experience flavour influences from Bhutan, China, France, India, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Vietnam.

Each charter’s menu is developed through an organic creative process influenced by our onboard guests. Kellie believes food is the ultimate connection and continually looks for creative ways to integrate personal stories into the dishes he creates.

Sustainable Practices

We highlight locally caught or foraged ingredients, intending to use sustainably and ethically harvested products where possible. We work with many local specialty producers, allowing us to showcase the fantastic people who contribute to a diverse food experience.

Any dietary request can be accommodated with advanced notice.

Sample Dinner Menus
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