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The Pacific Yellowfin

The Pacific Yellowfin has been featured in numerous publications over the past 20 years. Browse some of these publications below.

9 Ways To Experience Canada’s Natural Beauty

National Geographic

From canoeing Ontario lakes to digging for clams on Prince Edward Island, here’s how to get to know this vast and varied country.

The Good Life

Country & Town House

We’re spotting WHALES feeding; kayaking through SEAL-filled waters; and watching black and grizzly BEARS scoff salmon’

Into The Wild

Wish Magazine

Cruising the fjords of British Columbia on former World War II supply ship, Pacific Yellowfin.

Undercover wellness: The spa trips for sceptics

The Times

The adventure guru who transforms his clients’ wellbeing without them even noticing.

Forget the name. Desolation Sound is Canada’s best-kept secret.

National Geographic

From whale watching to bunking at rustic-luxe resorts, here are six ways to embrace the remote wilderness that is British Columbia's largest marine park.

The Greatest Shows On Earth

Boat International

From red seas to underwater waterfalls, the natural world is capable of amazing displays - with many best viewed from on board.

From Greenland to the North Pole: 5 Yacht Expeditions That Let You Explore The Uppermost Reaches of the Globe

Rob Report

This 113-foot classic yacht will moor in Desolation Sound, with its dramatic mountain backdrop, as well as explore other pristine areas of British Columbia.

The Wilds of Canada: Pacific Yellowfin in Desolation Sound

Boast International

Charters zip past to Alaska, but the fjords west of Vancouver offer a wealth of wildlife and scenery – without the crowds its neighbour attracts

Into the Spirit World

Boat International

British Columbia’s furthest reaches are home to the rare “spirit bears” of legend. Kate Lardy boards the 114ft Pacific Yellowfin to catch a glimpse.

Cruising Canada In Style

Luxury Travel Magazine

An ultra-exclusive, historic charter yacht is now opening for individual bookings, so luxury travellers can explore Canada's rugged West Coast in style.

Here Be Dragons

Conde Nast Traveller

Off Canada's Vancouver Island, the tales may be tall but the magic is real. Melinda Stevens and shipmates are swallowed up in a tangled green waterworld.

Pacific Yellowfin

Classic Yacht

A typical charter onboard Pacific Yellowfin can best be described as an adventure expedition. Guests use the ship as a platform from which to launch all manner of fishing, hunting, hiking and cultural junkets throughout the Pacific Northwest.

World Travels 0:57

In this clip from Word Travels, Robin and Julia get to spend some time on a luxury expedition yacht. More info at

City TV 7:36

It is a floating wilderness lodge. We take you aboard the 1943 Pacific Yellowfin, a 114-foot luxury charter yacht.

Cruising with Pacific Yellowfin 5:45

Video brought to you by the Travel and Tourism Foundation and Travelindex.

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