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Sneak Peak

The Pacific Yellowfin

Video Gallery

Pacific Yellowfin Presents

Wheelhouse Chats with Captain Colin

Great Bear Rainforest Safari 2:12

Our Rainforest Safari is the ultimate Canadian wilderness experience. Journey through the Inside Passage into the highly biodiverse ecosystem that is the Great Bear Rainforest.

Desolation Sound Pacific Playground 3:03

Join Captain Colin, of Pacific Yellowfin Charters, as he discusses the magic of Desolation Sound in B.C. in our Pacific Playground Expedition.

The Cuisine 1:50

Dining aboard the Pacific Yellowfin is a delectable highlight of your trip. The rich ocean bounty we glide over on your voyage provides the freshest seafood.

The Ship 2:23

Step aboard our 1943 historical yacht. Listen closely; you can practically hear her storied tales in this episode of Wheelhouse Chats with Captain Colin.

Unique Adventures. Rare Experiences

Treasured Memories for a Lifetime

A Day in the Life 2:40

A warm welcome awaits aboard the MV Pacific Yellowfin, ready for your private wilderness expedition. Meet some of our local sea creatures and land mammals: bears, eagles, orca whales, and so many more wildlife.

Adventure Unscripted 1:21

Private charters aboard a historical yacht for a once-in-a-lifetime wilderness adventure in the calm, coastal waters of British Columbia.

Desolation Sound Pacific Playground 1:43

Jump aboard the Pacific Yellowfin to explore mountainous, forest-covered islands and majestic fjords of stunning Desolation Sound; your very own Pacific Playground.

Great Bear Rainforest 2:04

The amazing animals and experiences of our Great Bear Rainforest Trip!

Desolation Sound 2:42

Check out some footage from our awesome family and friends Charters in Desolation Sound.

Spirit Bear Fishing 0:34

Learn all about what turns a black bear white and many more amazing facts about the spirit bear, also known as the ghost bear or the Kermode bear on our Great Bear Rainforest Safari.

“The Log” 2:37

Will anyone ever get all the way to the end of “the log”? Come see if you can master “the log” on our Desolation Sound Pacific Playground Expedition.

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