The Last of Her Kind


Built in 1943 as a U.S. military vessel, the Pacific Yellowfin traversed the globe, eluded detection, and stored her mysteries. After accommodating millionaires, mischief-makers and rapscallions, she makes an inspiring and wonderfully adventure-worthy vessel to enjoy your own expedition from. Today, she is owned by charismatic storyteller, Captain Colin Griffinson.

Initially built as a sturdy passenger and freight vessel, she protected the North American coastline, including Alaska’s stunning Aleutian Islands. Once decommissioned, she went on to play a part in many government research voyages, where she was lightheartedly re-named the Yellowfin. A near-miss for both herself and her crew with sticks of dynamite, placed her back at auction, where in 1957 she was refitted as a family excursion vessel for nearly twenty years.

Captain Colin purchased her in 2000, maintaining her spirit while modernizing her. Now, she travels as an exclusive private charter yacht giving access to stunning wilderness destinations in an intimate, lodge-style setting. The Pacific Yellowfin upholds the highest safety standards so you can cruise with full peace of mind. She is inspected annually as a Transport Canada certified passenger vessel.

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